Saturday, February 14, 2009

Unique Gifts for Valentines Day

Disclaimer: I do not promote Valentine's Day. I think love should be celebrated everyday, not just one day of the year. On that note I have chosen items from Etsy that aren't jewelry, flowers, candy, chocolates, a proposal from a man who might not really love you, or any of the common "gifts" on this day.
I say we celebrate the love for crafty people and their art!

I absolutely adore this mixed media art piece by LethaColleen. It has gorgeous colors and a beautiful use of texture. Its one of a kind and in a class all its own.

You might be asking yourself...isnt lingerie a typical gift for Valentines day? Well this isn't lingerie its a custom made tribal bellydancing bra by ReadMyHips. Not only could you get the bra you could also give a gift of some classes with the Read My Hips tribal dance troupe, if you are a local Chicagoan.

If he or she loves Bettie why not get them this linen Bettie Page pillow by tutae? Not only can they enjoy the fun imagery but also its practical for people who want a more one of a kind accent pillow for their couch or bed. R.I.P. will be missed.

Something vintage...but something revamped vintage. Perfect example is this super cute and again one of a kind revamped sweater by PierogiPicnic. This sweater even comes with a cute little matching brooch so its like two gifts in one!!
Alright, so I will admit...these choices are extremely biased because well they are all gifts I would adore. But then again...would you have seen these totally unique gifts in any other valentines day list??????


  1. Great ideas, I love them all. Wonderful shop choices. Of course I also think jewelry is great.

  2. I can agree, love is something that should be shown all the time not just when a person has to because a greeting card told them to.

  3. Great ideas.You have a wonderful blog.Tahnks for sharing it with me.

  4. Lovely of you to feature my art work in your post... Thank you! :)